PreSonus StudioLive 328AI

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2x8" Active Loudspeaker with Active Integration Technology
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Make one thing perfectly clear: Your live mixes!
StudioLive. Active coaxial PA systems with the accuracy of huge studio monitors but driven with irresponsibly high power, plus sophisticated networking and iPad control. Your live mixes never sounded this good!
Studio monitors are designed to accurately reproduce music across a broad spectrum without signal loss or distortion but they can’t handle the SPL demands of a live show. Conventional PA speakers can deliver plenty of volume, but except for very high-end systems, they can’t deliver the extremely clear, accurate sound one expects in a studio. As a result, an affordable PA speaker that delivers studio-monitor quality for live shows has remained an unfulfilled fantasy—until now.
This fantasy has, at last, become reality thanks to a partnership between PreSonus and Fulcrum Acoustic’s legendary engineer David Gunness (formerly of EAW and Electro-Voice). Rather than take the usual brute-force approach to PA-speaker design, the team designed a coaxial loudspeaker that would employ Fulcrum’s unique DSP-based approach.
The result is PreSonus StudioLive™ AI-series Active Integration Loudspeakers, the first affordable, active PA speaker systems that deliver studio-monitor accuracy on stage—exceptionally clear, coherent sound—while supplying the features and protection systems required to mix a live show that sounds great in a wide variety of venues, and with virtually any musical genre. These features include wireless and wired control of all setup, tuning, and monitoring functions, using an iPad® or laptop.
We’re about to dive into the technology that makes all this possible. But we didn’t develop the technology to brag about it. We did it to create a loudspeaker with audio performance far superior to that of conventional speaker systems. We also gave StudioLive AI speakers advanced features that will help you get the best results quickly and easily. But audio quality has always come first.
Before we released our StudioLive AI PA speakers, we mixed a lot of gigs with them to make sure they delivered everything we thought they would. We have never been disappointed, to say the least. To our ears, these speakers provide the best stereo imaging we’ve ever heard in a PA. They get extremely loud but are so clean that they never hurt your ears—even when pushed to the limit. Their three-way design enables them to deliver amazing vocal clarity.
The gain structure of the StudioLive AI loudspeakers was designed to optimize the dynamic range of an entire PA system. Most other powered speakers in this price class aren’t. As a result, some powered speakers seem to get louder more quickly than the StudioLive AI loudspeakers but they actually start to clip well before a professional mixer’s optimum output level has been reached, resulting in reduced dynamic range.In short, StudioLive AI loudspeakers truly perform like very large, loud, and extremely accurate high-end studio reference monitors. In a sense, that’s what they are: Our Sceptre active studio reference monitors use the exact same coaxial technology.  Main Components
Unique coaxial design integrates a custom-designed, 8-inch, ferrite midrange driver and 1.75-inch titanium compression driver with Temporal Equalization™ and Coaxial Speaker Coherence Alignment
Dual 8-inch, custom-designed, ferrite, low-frequency transducers
2,000 watt, quadamped, Class D amplification
LF 2x500 watts
MF 1x500 watts
HF 1x500 watts
Active Integration 32-bit, 96 kHz DSP with more processing power than three rack speaker processors
32-bit floating-point DSP with asymmetric three-way crossover, Temporal Equalization™ for horn reflection, linear time- and amplitude-anomalies correction, performance contouring, dynamic limiting, and excursion limiting
XMAX™ Class A mic preamp with 12V phantom power
Universal Switch mode power supply with power-factor correction

​Controls and Networking
4 operation modes optimized for:
Normal — live front-of-house
MP3 — music playback
Floor Monitor — stage wedge
User — customizable preset
Line-level input with attenuation
Speaker-attenuation control
Balanced XLR Mix output
External Subwoofer mode activates a low-cut filter and alignment delay for combining StudioLive 18sAI subwoofer with 312AI in a true 4-way system
Wireless or wired networking with free SL Room Control software for Mac®, Windows®, and iPad® enables complete setup, tuning, and monitoring
Network Setup Wizard automatically detects each speaker and allows you to quickly connect to your wireless router network
Remote control over Maximum SPL/output level, high-pass filter, onboard operational modes, performance monitoring, mute, and speaker delay
31-band graphic EQ and 8-band parametric EQ (total of 10, including feedback notch filter)
Visually display room layout on a laptop or iPad
​Edit, save, recall, and share speaker-setup parameters
Convenience Features
Comfortable, ergonomic handles
Integrated M10 fly points and pole mounts
Ships with Ethernet connection for wired control; optional Dante card
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Product Available For Rent No
Brand PreSonus
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