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1000W 2 x 12" Subwoofer
Delivering 1000 watts of continuous power and 2000 watts peak, the QSC KSub extends your sound reinforcement system's bass range down to a chest-thumping 44 Hz. The KSub is plenty powerful for DJ rigs, pushing out a thundering 130 dB maximum SPL, while its attractive housing and small footprint make it perfect for houses of worship or upscale performance venues that need extra low-end punch in a low-profile cabinet. Plus, with four built-in casters and ergonomic handles for easy load-in, it's ideal for mobile PA setups. The KSub is stackable for use in larger venues or outdoor special events that require multiple subs -- and at just 14" x 26", a KSub can sit on its long side to fit under a stage riser in a small club or bar installation. The perfect match for QSC's K Series full-range loudspeakers, the powerful, flexible, and professional-looking KSub delivers maximum bang-for-buck among QSC's subwoofer offerings.

Not only is the KSub well-suited to diverse venues, but its setup couldn't be simpler. Plug in the stereo left and right outputs from your mixer or playback system to the KSub's combination XLR-1/4" line level inputs. The KSub's extremely steep, -24 dB/octave fourth-order low-pass filter will send frequencies below 100 Hz to its internal amplifier and dual 12" speaker drivers, while transparently passing the full-range program to its stereo balanced XLR line outputs. Simply plug these stereo outputs to your full-range system. Since it's designed to be an addition to your full-range speakers, the KSub includes a pole mount receptacle: just attach the included 35 mm threaded pole, and mount a full-range K-Series speaker on top for a wobble-free connection. Much sturdier than those top-heavy tripod-style speaker stands, the KSub is perfect when paired up with the QSC K8 in a "sub/satellite" configuration -- and it looks a lot classier for your banquet hall's PA system.

QSC K Series speakers are notable for their extensive onboard signal processing power, and the KSub is no exception. Flip a switch on the back of the KSub to engage DEEP mode -- Digital Extension and Excursion Processing. DEEP is QSC's exclusive technology for delivering low-frequency output without distortion. Much more than just a low-frequency EQ boost, DEEP employs sophisticated digital signal processing to identify and limit only the brief low-frequency transients that could potentially cause amplifier clipping distortion and over-excursion of the speaker cone. This virtually inaudible limiter allows the average output of the subwoofer to remain high. Even when DEEP is not in use, the KSub employs QSC's Guardrail technology to prevent clipping at the amplifier and cone over-excursion. The KSub's internal fan engages when its built-in amp senses high temperatures, and turns off automatically when not needed. These automatic protection measures ensure top performance from your subwoofer.

Like the other loudspeakers in QSC's K Series, the KSub is an active, powered speaker with its own internal amplifier. Not only are powered speakers simpler to set up, they are inherently more robust than component systems with separate passive speakers and power amps. Power amps could potentially damage passive speakers if their impedance and wattage isn't properly matched, but with the K series, protection is built-in, and there's no need to worry about matching speakers to amps. Due to the nature of low-frequency sound, subwoofers require a lot of power; if the KSub were a passive speaker, it would need an enormous, power-hungry 2000-watt amplifier to safely push it. Luckily, the KSub is an active speaker with the amp built in -- an efficient, economical solution for adding serious low-end to your sound reinforcement system.


- Powered subwoofer with two 12" cone transducers
- Attractive birch cabinet with textured black paint
- Dual balanced combination XLR-1/4" line-level inputs
- Dual balanced male XLR full-range line-level outputs
- Compact 26" x 14" size fits in extremely tight spaces
- Quiet casters and ergonomic handles for easy load-in
- Included pole for mounting a full-range speaker above your KSub
- Frequency range of 44 to 148 Hz
- 130 dB maximum SPL
- 1000 watts continuous power, 2000 watts peak
- QSC's DEEP mode for maximum low-frequency output without distortion
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