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Marshall JCM800 2203X 100W Tube Head

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100 Watt all-valve JCM800 head (3x ECC83s, 4x EL34s)

Heavy metal rockers like Slayer's Kerry King and the ferocious Zakk Wylde, to name a couple. Notice a trend? The JCM800 2203 packs 100-watts of all-tube fury, ready to pummel the audience and sound great doing it. It's not a clean amp, and it's not a quiet amp - but the JCM800 2203 is ready to rock, HARD. It gained popularity in the late '70s, and by the '80s the JCM800 was defining the sound of heavy metal. So if you're ready to rock the stadium, step up to the Marshall JCM800 2003 guitar amp head and plug in.

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Brand Marshall
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