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ASI Audio 3DME Active Ambient In-Ear Monitor Earphones System

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Audio 3DME

3DME Active Ambient In-Ear Monitor Earphones System


- 3D Active Ambient system to customize your IEM experience, delivering natural spatial awareness with both earphones in place
- Universal-fit Active Ambient earphones add natural ambience to the monitor mix via binaural mic system embedded in the earpieces
- Subcompact bodypack mixer connects to your monitor mix to add 3D ambience at levels that you control via +/- switches on top of pack
- Used without a monitor feed, 3DME becomes the world's most flexible high fidelity earplug system, with customized sound signature and active level control - great for orchestral musicians and audience members!
- Ambient earphones handle audio peaks up to 135 dB without distortion
- Bodypack powered by lithium-ion USB rechargeable battery; 7-hour battery life
- 3 sizes of memory foam ear tips assure proper fit of IEMs; custom silicone tips are available
- Audio jumper cable, data transfer cable, and USB recharger are all included
- Free ASI Audio app is the control center for setting up your personal Music Enhancement experience, using your smartphone or tablet
- App connects the 3DME bodypack to your personal device via the included "Host" data cable
- Powerful 7-band EQ lets you customize the sound to your personal taste and needs. Left and right channels can be locked together or adjusted separately.
- Limiter threshold setting helps reduce the risk of hearing injury through overexposure to loud sound. Option for left and right to be adjusted separately.
- Create a library of personal presets for easy future recall -- very convenient when gigging in multiple bands and widely varying venue types
- Onboard Sensaphonics Audio Seal Test to ensure full seal and perfect IEM fit
- Programmable options include bodypack switch function and CROS signal routing
- Online access to product registration, owner's manual via your device

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Brand ASI Audio

ASI Audio 3DME Active Ambient In-Ear Monitor Earphones System


Can your in-ear monitors do ambient audio? ASI Audio's 3DME earphones deliver 3D spatial room sound to performers for a truly immersive experience.

The ASI Audio 3DME unites enhanced audio monitoring with true spatial 3D ambient "room" sound and hearing protection into a single in-ear monitoring device. Controllable and fully tunable with an intuitive smartphone app, 3DME brings the same enhanced spatial sound quality enjoyed by touring artists around the world.

ASI Audio was founded by the team of respected audiologist Michael Santucci of Sensaphonics and Jim Harris, founder of Think-A-Move, LTD., developers of innovative speech recognition and headset products for high volume environments. They created the ASI AUDIO brand to bring to market a in-ear monitoring (IEM) product that brings active ambient monitoring technology enjoyed by top-tier music professionals and performers to an accessible price point.

System Includes:

3DME Active Ambient Earphones: Universal-fit, dual driver in-ear monitors (IEMs) with embedded binaural microphones capture the ambient sound around you with full 3D directionality and three sizes of eartips to isolate your ears and deliver superb sound.
3DME Bodypack Mixer/Amplifier: Connects and combines your sound source with the ambient mic feed to add 3D stage mic level to your monitor mix. The bodypack also houses powerful limiter and EQ functions. (When used without a direct monitor mix, you can still hear and control your customized ambient feed with full 3D directionality.) Note: The Power switch is on the bottom.
ASI Audio Smartphone App: Program the bodypack and tailor your sound mix, levels, mic level, EQ and sound limiting, save custom presets, and performs an Audio Seal Test for proper IEM fit.
Accessories also included: 3 pairs of premium memory foam earphone tips (Small, Medium and Large), Battery charger with micro-USB cable for bodypack, 12-inch jumper audio cable with stereo mini-plugs for connecting to your wireless system's receiver pack, programming cable system for bodypack (micro USB), Earphone cleaning tool, Clothing clip for securing IEM cable, Storage case


- Frequency Response: 30 Hz - 12 kHz
- Microphone Input Overload: 135 dB-SPL
- Maximum Output, 500 Hz: 122 dB-SPL
- Microphone Equivalent Input Noise: 27 dBA-SPL
- Monitor Equivalent Input Noise:
-104 dBV(A) (EQ disengaged),
-101 dBV(A) (EQ engaged)
- Output Noise:
20 dBA-SPL (EQ disengaged),
23 dBA-SPL (EQ engaged)
- Acoustic Insertion gain: Off, -24 dB to +12 dB in 16 steps
- Monitor Sensitivity, 500 Hz: 104 dB-SPL for -20 dBV (100 mVrms) input
- Monitor Input Impedance: 10 kOhm
- Limiter Type: Adaptive attack, average responding, frequency selective (approximate A-weighting)
- Limiter Threshold: 84 dB-SPL to 105 dB-SPL in 8 steps and Off
- Maximum Limiter Gain Reduction: 18 dB
- Multiband EQ: +/-12 dB at 60, 140, 330, 770, 1800, 4300, 10000 Hz
- Latency: 0 (EQ disengaged), 350 usec (EQ engaged)
- Operating Time (from full charge): >7 hours
- Charge Time (fully depleted battery): ~4 hours
- Battery State-of-Charge Indication: Four LEDs, with flashing low battery

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Brand ASI Audio
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